Partners in Transition

It’s fun to undergo change and experience transition.

It’s a blessing to have a partner in transition as well!
Currently, I received a full time Student Pastor position at Two Rivers Church. What this meant was, a process of change was imminent. Typically, with change comes heavy anxiety. But, I must say, some change is great! Some change, even, is necessary!
So, recently Kari and I have transitioned into what is now OUR CHURCH! You can call us, “Partners in Transition”. She and I were both introduced on main stage this past Sunday. Our Lead Pastor, Steve Pridmore, announced Kari and I to the congregation and prayed for blessing over us. It was truly an amazing moment for the both of us!
It is such a unifying experience when EVERYTHING around is brand NEW, but having a partner in transition allows one to look at the other and feel a sense of security. I know that I looked at Kari multiple times during our first week at Church and felt great warmth.
(Picture does not indicate warmth, just a goofy pic, lol)
my point: I’m very thankful to God for blessing me with Kari
David Ogg
Student Pastor
TWORIVERS Church | South Florida

One response to “Partners in Transition

  1. Karen & John Whitney

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s such wonderful news and we know you’ll be a terrific asset to the church and the youth there.
    Yes, we agree, you both were truly blessed and are a perfect match for each other. God’s continued blessings to you both!
    With much love and pride, Grampa John & Gramma Karen
    Sending a big hug to you both–You need to hug each other for our hug please. I’m sure that’s not a problem. 🙂

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