Steps for Marriage

In my sermon yesterday, I made small statements of how high school students “DON’T KNOW SQUAT” about dating.

That statement is partially TRUE. Most high school students personally only know TWO aspects of dating: FAKE love & the BREAKUP.I WAS ONE OF THOSE STUDENTS when I was in H.S.

Throughout my college years, I never had a girlfriend. But when I met Kari, I said with boldness, “I found the one” …. I knew she was going to be my lady.
But, to be able to say “I found the one” .. There’s a few things you have
to do:
Steps for Marriage
For High Schoolers:
         1. Find who you are in Christ
         2. Make A LOT of friends
                      – start thinking of specific qualities you want your future                                                                “special someone” to have.
         3. WAIT until college to date (it took me 21 years to find Kari)
For College peeps:
        1. Find your identity in Christ
        2. Search for someone who loves Christ more than that person loves you!
        3. When that person is “found” wait… pray…
                                                              ….start jogging (gym membership?)…
        4. Make sure that person likes you back…
        5. Then date- formulate rules & guidelines and make God the center!
               (If the relationship ends…, just move on)
For post-college (ages 25 – 35+):
        1. Find & Date anyone who can walk 😉
**Some jokes. Some truth. Some randomness**

Much love Readers,

One response to “Steps for Marriage

  1. I would have loved to hear that sermon Dave and I have you beat–37+ years to find John and I was 40 when we married. You were almost 1 month old when we married on July 29th, 1989.
    I am thoroughly enjoying yours and Kari’s blogg postings! It touches my heart daily.
    Much love to you both! Gramma Karen

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