Did you know???

Do opposites attract? Or do birds of a feather flock together? I think Dave & I are perfect for each other because we fit both of these categories :).

Attracting Opposites

Chef David

  • Dave likes to be cold, I like to be warm
  • Dave eats 3 meals a day, I snack all day long
  • Dave is a night person, I am a morning person
  • When Dave cooks, he “wings-it” and literally throws the most random ingredients into a pot and it tastes amazing, and I follow a recipe exactly and I still manage to burn it.
  • Dave is organized, clean, and likes routine, I am messy and can’t seem to get my stuff together. (But don’t worry- I’ve been practicing.)
Flocking Together

I don't think were THAT weird.

  • We are both vegetarians
  • We love to run together
  • We have a lot of the same shoes (vibrams & birkenstocks)
  • Reading is our favorite thing to do & we love to learn
  • We ❤ Florida!
  • People say we both have crazy personalities- but, I don’t see it…
  • We both laugh… A LOT!
  • We LOVE the LORD!
Be sure to check out our welcome video and a glimpse of how we met. Thanks again for checking out our blog! We love feedback and would love if you commented to let us know what you think! 

One response to “Did you know???

  1. Nah, you both are crazy ;-p

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