More Than a Wedding

Dave & I are getting married! It’s surreal and I still can not wrap my mind around it! We wanted to start this blog to journal our amazing journey as we head into marriage. We will be posting different things about wedding planning, but also things we are learning as we prepare for our marriage together.

Feel free to comment and share your insights and advice with us. We are so excited about our engagement and are even more thrilled to be learning and growing through different books, sermons, blogs, and people :). Our prayer is that we can glorify God in everything we do & focus more on preparing for our marriage than for our wedding.

God desires that we use the challenges, joys, struggles, and celebrations of marriage to draw closer to him and to grow in Christian character.

– Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Stay tuned for more! 🙂

-Dave & Kari




5 responses to “More Than a Wedding

  1. I loved Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas 🙂 Congratulations on your up coming marriage!

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  3. Hi Kari & Dave,

    We received the “save the date” postcard with the adorable photos. Thanks so much!
    Congratulations on your engagement! Did you know that Ron and I will celebrate 55 years together on June 1, 2012? That is a good date for a wedding. 🙂
    The only advice my mother gave me before I got married was “Marry a man who will go to church with you.” I did that and I can tell you are doing that too, Kari.
    Much love,
    Auntie Viv and Uncle Ron

    • Auntie Viv! Congratulations on 55 years! How exciting & special :D. And.. I love that advice! Serving God together makes our relationship even more meaningful. Love you Auntie Viv and Uncle Ron!

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